Designed and produced by Flo-culture, Narrative is a mobile app and online dashboard for telling stories through beautiful, engaging content. We specialise in exploring how digital technologies can be used to innovate approaches to creative particpation and audience engagement worldwide. The idea behind Narrative started back in 2012 when we discovered the powerful impact of telling and sharing stories and experiences. The journey began with a digital storytelling project developed with librarians and some inspirational elderly members of the community who were the first to share their stories on our first app venture, Memory Box.

Throughout the journey, we’ve been inspired by listening to people, who in their own words describe their life as ‘ordinary’. In fact, their stories resonate and connect with us all.

Every organisation has a story to tell, from a charity wanting to share the impact of its work; to a venue wanting to understand how it can engage with its audiences and visitors more effectively – stories are everywhere, stories are personal, and stories are powerful.

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