Bridging the gap.

How to leap a gap with help

Bridging the gap between being inspired and doing something about it, is often a barrier to donations, attracting volunteers and motivating fundraisers. It requires some form of nudge. And to effectively nudge someone into action requires a deep understanding about what motivates and moves them.

The large majority of charities rely on email, print and social media as the engagement nudge. But this to me smacks of pushing people into action rather than engaging with people, building a relationship and gently nudging them. And these forms of media, with the exception of social media are predominately pushed one way.

Engaged donors give more and more often when they know how their support is being used to affect real lasting change and that means being in conversation with the charities they support. There is no greater motivator than being part of the story of successful interventions that facilitates change.

The nudge is the story that guides people to action and the creation and telling of the story involves everyone; from the recipient of support to the fundraiser, from the people delivering services in the field to donors.