A lean, clean digital storytelling machine.

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When notice is measured in donations powerful stories evoke powerful responses. Sadly for many charities the constant demand on limited resources mean opportunities are missed or worse started, gain traction and then die.

Everyone agrees donors are the life blood of every charity and yet donors themselves feel left out in the cold between periods of campaign activity. Fundraisers too are constantly demanding content to fuel their campaign strategies.

It feels like the engine of notice is at best a stuttering, fuel starved engine. This is an unfortunate reality, unfortunate because the driver (The fundraiser) and the passenger (The donor) want to go where the charity is going; they just aren’t getting sufficient high quality fuel to keep them on their journey.

As a recent blog post on the UK Youth website stated, “As society is becoming increasingly digitised, charities need to keep pace with changing technologies in order to stay relevant to beneficiaries and efficient in their delivery.”

Most people hearing the word technology think social media and social tools. Whilst it’s cheap, super-fast and ensures notice from a much wider audience, especially when it utilises people to share its campaign message, it is fleeting and only scratches the surface of our ability to be moved to give regularly.

The fuel of a charity is content, powerful emotive content and lots of it. But charities, as they often tell us, don’t have any more resources to mine it or the system to ensure it flows around the vital components its marketing and fundraising engine. It has powerful stories at its finger tips but not the efficient means of gathering it and giving it to the donor or the fundraiser.

To be a lean, clean digital storytelling machine charities need to embrace mobile technology as the retail sector did ten years ago. It needs to empower the entire organisation to contribute to story creation, gathering and sharing. It needs to put it in the hands of eager fundraisers to help them raise more money more efficiently and lastly it needs to ensure its donors can sit at its heart and see what their support is funding.