A brand spanking new idea for your audience, really?

Campaign Selfie

Another selfie campaign starts to fill your Twitter or Facebook stream.  You get that feeling, you might not vocalise it, but you watch your stream fill up with well-meaning folk doing something to show their support of a charity campaign, and you’re thinking not another one!

This type of short attention, low energy commitment is certainly attractive to a connected audience. It’s social, it’s easily spreadable and it complements one internal view of the audience – “I’m doing my bit, poking fun of myself and I’m being part of the giving group.” But don’t be fooled into thinking they don’t care about the cause. The two are inextricably linked.

The question is. “Will the people you’re looking to engage with start to get bored?”

The truth is an original idea is the rarest of commodities and the internet ensures anything worthwhile is seen by everyone. So do you give up on the selfie campaign? No of course not. But if you want to use a rock solid proven method of engaging donors make sure the energy is focused on your message, crafting the story of your cause and your reason to get attention, not on the method of campaigning.

Jumping on the campaign method bandwagon is fine. But make it about you and us.